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Top 10 Parenting Tips and Creative Ideas That Will Help You Be in Charge

Top 10 Parenting Tips and Creative Ideas That Will Help You Be in Charge

Parenting is a full time job that requires a lot of attention, a strong set of good skills and an interminable amount of patience. Given the fact we live in an ultra hectic world, finding the perfect balance is quite often exhausting. You certainly love your little one, but sometimes you are just too tired of having so much to handle: a job, a family to provide for, bills to pay, errands to run; sometimes you feel you could run away for one month on one of those single parent holidays, where you can just relax all day and do nothing related to “chores”, “utility bills” or “job”!

If you feel you could use a little help in becoming a better parent, in teaching and understand your child better, just follow these 10 top parenting tips:

by Leonid Mamchenkov under CC BY


  1. Respect your child. If you want your children to respect you, keep in mind that they also need to feel they are respected. If you want to be considered a follower of a good parenting style, you need to avoid embarrassing or humiliating your child in front of others. A few good words, talking with your little one like you would with a grown up friend, can actually work wonders.
  1.  Put an end to supermarket hysteria. One of the most difficult tasks in parenting is to avoid situations in which the little darling screams for the toys or in front of the sweets isle in a supermarket. According to the most successful books on parenting, you should set the rules from home. You should tell your children that there are two choices: they can pickup one single item of their choice from an isle, or they will not get anything at all. One or none. This is a rule which works out incredibly well for a lot of parents. Rather than not receiving anything, the little darlings will eventually be extremely thankful even for that one chocolate bar.
  1. Teeth brushing and bedtime – two extremely difficult points occurring every day at fixed hours in the sphere of parenting. One very good trick is to get your little one involved in the action. Even if you have to pay a little extra for an extremely fancy toothbrush, for example, it is worth the investment. Nowadays, there are many fancy kids-friendly toothbrushes available, such as one that will flash with colorful lights for up to one minute; or you can even choose a singing toothbrush. Then, you should allow your child to choose the story that you will read before bedtime, or even choose which pair of pajamas to wear tonight. If you want something, you need to give something in return.
  1.  At your wit’s end? Take parenting classes. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you need some extra help with how to find the common ground with your little one. Instead of trying to “civilize” your child with punishments of all degrees, get professional help. You will find these parenting classes extremely creative and helpful.
  1. Is your 2 year old a picky eater? Learn to make feeding your child fun. Maybe your child doesn’t like a simple banana, or an utterly plain and white block of cheese. Put together the most wonderfully colored and appealing finger food plateau containing banana slices that can “act” like the wheels of a car and steamed broccoli florets that can become the beautiful trees; cut the carrots in thin slices and make these look like swords, and create moons with the help of thinly sliced apple pieces…and now let your child eat the entire world! Children need to be greatly stimulated, and even professional studies have shown that they will eat much better if they are allowed to dot it through a little playing. If you child does not eat everything all the time, that is not a sign bad parenting! You just need to activate your little one’s fantasy a bit.
  1. Telling “what to do” instead of “what not to”. This is the key to perfect parenting. Little ones can find it extremely funny if they can pick on the poor family dog or pull his ears. If you notice such behavior, you should immediately tell your child that he/she should love the dog, play with it gently, or pet it on the head. Kids will learn to dispose of their bad habits much faster if they are told what to do or how to act, rather than just telling “Don’t do that”.
  1. SOS Parenting – Teach your child how to act if he/she gets lost in a park or a supermarket. Of course, the wisest thing to teach your kids would be that, whenever they get lost, they should find a policeman and tell him they are looking for their mother, father, brothers etc. But what if there is no policeman around? The next best thing to teach them is that they should always approach other mommies with children and tell them they are lost. This is just a safety tip; it is always important to make sure your little one never gets lost in a big park or the department store, but if they are old enough, they need to be prepared for such situations as well. Parenting is 80% safety and protection and 20% fun.
  1. Children need to see and feel that their parents love each other. One of the biggest mistakes many grown ups make is avoiding to show affection to one another in front of their kids. This is wrong. Children need to know that they are safe and protected around the two most important people in their life, and that love them and love each other. On the other hand, when it comes to a single parent, dating can make the child quite uncomfortable; so, a single parent should act with great caution when introducing a new possible member of the family. There are many implications that should be considered and you, as a parent, need to make sure that your child is ready to accept someone new in his life.
  1. Older children need their privacy – make sure to respect them. You cannot and should not continuously smother a 9 or 10 year old; just give your child some space. As mentioned, parenting is about receiving and offering respect too.
  1. If you admonish your child for bad behavior, make sure to offer praise for good behavior. This is how you will teach your little one the difference between good and bad, and this is how he/she will learn important values that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Parenting is the most wonderful job in the world, which should never be regarded as a task, but as a wonderful blessing – and if you keep the tips above in mind, your job will surely become a lot easier.

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