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Toddler Cuddle Pillows

We have all experienced those nights when our toddler seemingly reverts to babyhood, when that night light just isn’t enough, and they just can’t seem to go to sleep no matter what we try. We have also experienced those nights when coughing and fever seem never ending and when we just want something, anything, to make our toddlers feel better. Toddler cuddle pillows can help to put that toddler to sleep so weary parents can get to sleep too. These cute accessories are just what they imply, a cuddly pillow to hunker down with. Adults have body pillows, why not a special toddler pillow for your toddler? These pillows can come in a variety of shapes and colors, from favorite characters to coordinated prints. Best of all these pillows are toddler size which makes them just right for cuddling up to.

There are many uses for toddler cuddle pillows other than a night time sleep-aid. Using these miniature pillows in the car to hold up sleepy heads is a great idea. How about letting your toddler watch her favorite show with her favorite character in tow? Try using the pillow as a cushion at the movies to provide a little extra height. These pillows have become so popular that they can be found almost anywhere now. Your local supermarket will probably have at least a couple of these to choose from. Stores that specialize in bedding usually have several choices in stock. Of course you can also find these pillows online. Many, many retailers have a variety of these cuddle buddies in various shapes and patterns. There are several sites where you can even have the pillow customized.

When you begin shopping for your toddler cuddle pillow remember to keep your toddler in mind. Take her interests into account and try to choose a favorite character or color. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the pillow consider buying a pillow that comes with a couple of different covers that you can remove and wash. Treat your new toddler cuddle pillow as you would your own and remember to fluff it and air it out frequently and replace it after one year. This little pillow is sure to be a favorite companion for any child, but it will also help you. Having that little piece of security to give to your child when they’re sick or “not tired” will make you both sleep better.

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Toddler Cuddle Pillows

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