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Binge Eating Toddlers

You rarely hear of binge eating toddlers. In adults, it is actually quite a common aspect of life and not only just around the holidays. Most binge eating disorders occur in an adult who is deeply depressed and feeling quite alone in life. How on earth could a toddler feel these things? That is not an easy question to answer, however, because there is very little research done on the subject of binge eating toddlers.

There are quite a number of factors that may influence a binge eating toddler. Most of the time it goes to the basics of nutrition and how busy, or just plain lazy, the parents are in raising their child. We have all thought how cute it is to see a toddler at the local fast food or burger joint gleefully sucking on a french fry. But giving small children those deep fried potato wedges every day to pacify them is one of the worst things a parent can do. Remember that just because a child is crying or fussy does not necessarily mean that he is starving to death and wants french fries, chips, or some kind of candy. This is just teaching your child that no matter what he really needs or wants, he can find solace in food. That starts the binge eating at an extremely young age and can forever scar the child’s psyche.

To avoid creating a binge eating toddler, try not to force him to finish his meals. Children will eat different amounts every day. Growth spurts bring about more food consumption if it is needed. If your child does want a snack, try giving them whole veggies like carrot sticks or celery. Not only are these low in calories, but they are healthy. The vitamins and minerals is something his developing body can use quite readily.

Binge eating toddlers can, and usually do, end up becoming obese when they get older. Obesity can lead to depression, which is a common sign that occurs with any eating disorder. You can see the vicious cycle here. Make sure you show your child lots of love and feed them healthy snacks rather than junk food. You should then have no worries about having a binge eating toddler.

Just remember, being healthy is something that every child should become. Eating disorders should not control your child’s life and yours. Love and understanding can accomplish more than you might think. Add healthy food and snacks to this, and you have the formula for setting your toddler on the path to a wonderful life.

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Binge Eating Toddlers

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