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Toddler Chicken Pox After Vaccine

There should be no concern regarding toddler chicken pox after vaccine. Yet, many parents cringe to hear that a round of chicken pox is spreading among the children in their area. The thoughts of their poor children covered in itchy red dots they aren’t allowed to scratch, the fevers, and the whole feeling of sickness for their precious little ones is something that no parent wants them to endure.

All children are immunized against chicken pox, but even with vaccines available, your toddlers are still susceptible to the disease. Toddler chicken pox after vaccine is not as bad as it would be without the immunization, but there is still a chance that they can catch it. Parents will continue to worry, even though it is a milder version, simply because a sick child is something no one enjoys.

About the only way to make sure your toddler doesn’t get chicken pox, with or without the vaccine, is to lock him up and never let him leave the house. Nobody wants to do that to a poor child, even though there is no guarantee on whether your toddler gets chicken pox after having the vaccine. There is no vaccine that is 100 percent effective against various diseases. However, you can take comfort in knowing that a case of chicken pox will be much milder if your child has been immunized.

Most, if not all, vaccines take a part of the live virus from the disease it is supposedly preventing, and injects that virus into your system. This insures that your body can build up its immunity to that certain virus. The after affects are usually getting a mild case of the disease you are trying not to get in the first place. Most cases of toddler chicken pox after vaccine are due to this.

There is some debate on whether or not your toddler is contagious after getting the chicken pox vaccine. Some people say no, that it is such a mild case that they do not become contagious. Others say that there is still a good chance that it can be passed on to those they come into contact with. Either way, care should be taken to not let those who have never had the vaccine or the chicken pox be exposed to a toddler after the chicken pox vaccine. This is also true for people who have a low immunity system due to illness or age. It is better to be safe than sick.

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Toddler Chicken Pox After Vaccine

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