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Newborn Memories – What Do Newborns Remember?

The question of whether or not newborn memories exist has been the subject of debate for years in the scientific community. Many believed that a newborn’s brain was not developed well enough to learn and retain memories. However, it has been proven that, while a newborn may not retain conscious memories, they most assuredly do retain unconscious ones.

An example of newborn memories would come from the way a baby is treated at birth and while in the first stages of infancy. A newborn who has the chance to bond with his parents at birth, and is treated lovingly will retain this memory of being loved throughout his entire life. On the other hand, a newborn who does not bond with his parents and is treated in an abusive or hateful fashion will always remember this in a subconscious way. The newborn who was loved and shown affection will respond in a positive way to hugs and touching during his life. A newborn who is not shown love will react by a subconscious withdrawal from any show of physical affection as he matures. This shows that there IS such a thing as newborn memories.

Newborn MemoriesWhile the above example is perhaps the most obvious, there are other ways this is a reality. Babies whose mothers talk and sing to them while they are still in the womb, will respond favorably to this sort of stimulus once they join the world. Interaction with the unborn child also influences the sort of interests the child will have later in life.

Babies are able to sense when there is happiness around them, as well as tension. Newborn memories of parents who love each other and him has a more relaxed and happy demeanor than the newborn who has miserable parents. The infant will witness any loud arguments or violence that may occur around him. This instills fear and no end of insecurities.

To insure happy and healthy newborn memories, spend lots of time talking softly to your baby. Sing songs to him. Take care to not let stressful or tense situations surround you both during pregnancy and once the baby has been born. Your baby is gathering memories for life almost as soon as he is able to hear sounds. Your responses to situations and people will also be picked up by the highly sensitive attenna your little one possesses.

Always keep in mind that YOU are responsible for any newborn memories your baby will carry through his life. It is vital that you do your very best to make these as happy and healthy as possible. Your efforts can help your child grow into a happy and well adjusted adult.

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Newborn Memories

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