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Research on Teenagers Nutritional Needs

When a teenager enters adolescence, they begin puberty and this stage of their lives is one of the most critical times when they need to be eating properly to maintain proper health through these important years as well as preventing any future health problems. Research on teenagers nutritional needs shows that teens need extra nutrients, minerals and calcium and that it is vital to their health that those extra needs are met.

Calories are essential to the system as these are what provide the body with the energy it needs to maintain proper growth and for the body to be able to remain active. Research on teenagers nutritional needs shows that teenage boys from the ages of eleven to eighteen require 2,500 and 2,800 calories per day. The amount of calories that a teenage girl needs every day is approximately 2,200. It’s important that these calories are obtained from healthy foods such as meats, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products rather than empty calories such as chips, fast food, and soda pop.

Research on a teenager’s nutritional needs shows that adolescents require approximately 45 to 60 grams of protein per day. While teens usually get this quite easily through meat, eggs, and nuts, the same cannot be said for calcium. Teens require approximately 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day but recent research on teenagers nutritional needs are showing that more and more teenagers are becoming severely deficient in their calcium intake. Not only is calcium important so that the bones and teeth of teens can stay strong, calcium also helps with the absorption of certain vitamins, such as Vitamin D and adequate calcium intake will help prevent future health problems such as osteoporosis. Iron is another important element of a teenager’s nutritional needs. While teenage boys need approximately 12 grams of iron per day, teenage girls need approximately 15 grams per day.

Rather than counting grams and milligrams, it may be easier to keep track of daily nutrition intake by keeping track of what the teenager has eaten in regards to the Food Pyramid. Research on a teenager’s nutritional needs shows that teenage girls need seven or eight servings of fruits and vegetables while boys need seven to ten servings of this important food group. Females need approximately six to seven grain products each day while males need seven to eight servings of this food group each day. Both male and female teenagers need three to four servings of dairy products each day and girls need two servings of meats and alternatives every day while boys need four servings of the same group.

Research on teenager’s nutritional needs also shows that a serving is as little as anything that you can hold with one hand. A carrot, a banana, and an apple are all one serving of the fruits and vegetables category. Research on a teenager’s nutritional needs also shows that if these food groups cannot be met every day, it is recommended that a vitamin and mineral supplement be taken daily.

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Research on Teenagers Nutritional Needs

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