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Fun Party Games for Teenagers

Throwing a party for teenagers can be really scary. First of all, most teenagers in this day and age just want one thing: NO ADULTS! While we know THAT can’t happen, it is still nerve wracking to try to think of ways to keep them all entertained and having fun. How do you find some truly fun party games for teenagers?

First of all, there are a few ingredients that are vital to every teenager’s party. Lots of music, a little area to dance, plenty of food, and things to drink. You can also throw in a few popular dvds if it is to include a sleepover. However, you can find plenty of fun party games for teenagers if you just do your research and know the personalities of the kids who will be attending.

This first idea is for a smaller group of teenagers but it can be loads of fun! It is a bit like the old How to Host A Murder games. Visit your local toy store and you will most likely be able to find one of these that will be appropriate for the age group you are hosting. You will send out personally mailed invitations to everyone on the list. These invitations will detail to each guest who their character is for the night of the party, as well as suggestions for how to dress. You will need to do some scene setting on your part. It is also fun to make it even more “adult” by having a cocktail party (non alcoholic drinks, of course) followed by a nice sit down dinner. After dinner, the game will really begin, which is basically solving a mystery.

Fun Party Games for Teenagers
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Other fun party games for teenagers would include a scavenger hunt. This type of party usually works best in nicer weather and held outside. A scavenger hunt party can work for small parties or larger parties. The plan can just be adapted to the amount of people.

Something that lots of teenagers would consider to be fun, is a Renaissance party. Do your research. Plan a menu of food served in Renaissance fashion, as well as music from that time period. Make your home feel as if one has literally stepped back in time and you will quickly see how this can be one of the most fun party games for teenagers. Invitations to guests can be sealed with old fashioned wax seal and will include instructions to dress in true Renaissance costumes. This could also be a prelude to a longer party of one of the Dungeons and Dragons games.

If any of these parties are planned to extend into sleepovers, be sure to have some fun teenage party games planned for these guests as well. Although, if this is a group of teenage girls, you probably won’t have to do a lot except have plenty of food and drinks on hand. They tend to entertain themselves.

Summer parties can make it easier to find fun party games for teenagers. There are variations of pool parties and cookouts. If you are having more of a cookout sort of party, you can set up both volleyball and badminton nets for the kids to play. These parties are also better set earlier in the evening before it gets too dark to have fun.

So you see, you don’t really have to panic when your teenager comes to you and asks if he can have a party. These ideas for fun party games for teenagers are just the tip of the iceberg. Put your imagination to work and you will be amazed at how successful you can make this party.

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