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Quizzes and Tests for Teenagers

If you are the parent of a teen you have most likely seen your aspiring adult taking some type of quiz. Remember when you were younger and these were in your favorite magazines? Well now they’re online and they’re everywhere! Quizzes and tests for teenagers have become so popular, in fact, that when you use a search engine and look for them you will come up with nearly a million results. Some of these quizzes are from sources you have heard of like the websites of those reputable magazines, but some of these quizzes are just quizzes that teens themselves have created for other teens to take. With the advent of popular teen websites like MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster these quizzes have become an opportunity to see how you compare with your peers.

There are quizzes that measure which cartoon character you are most like, quizzes that measure your IQ or personality type, and even quizzes that tell you if your fat or who you will marry. All teens are doing a little soul searching; they are trying to find out who they are and how they fit into the world and these quizzes seem to offer some cosmic allure that will tell your teen just what she needs to know about herself.

Quizzes and Tests for Teenagers
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With titles like “Who has a secret crush on you?” what teen girl could resist? The quizzes and tests for teenagers are primarily geared toward girls. There are a few that are geared toward boys, but it seems they are secondary in this market. Just looking at the glittering pink letters in most of the titles you can tell that males were an afterthought at the most. For the most part these quizzes and tests for teenagers are harmless, but there are a few that teens should be wary of.

Anything that requires a subscription or just a little too much personal information should be avoided. There are also some very racy titles out there, so if you consider yourself a concerned parent you may want to keep an eye on what quizzes and tests for teenagers are being taken. The homemade quizzes that are passed around on social networking sites often ask for very personal information, so advising your teen about what information is appropriate to release would be admirable. Keeping a program on your computer that tracks use and blocks insecure sites will also help your teen steer clear of the links that are inappropriate while keeping you informed of what she is trying to learn about herself.

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