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Taking My Teenagers Rectal Temp

The most tried and true way to get an accurate reading for a temperature is to do it rectally. Unfortunately, this may be the hardest way to take a temperature. Many women ask, “Should I be taking my teenagers rectal temp?” The answer is still yes, to get the most accurate reading of the illness. It may be had to get your teenager to cooperate, and you may have to supervise them if you opt to let them do it themselves. However, when you are dealing with a fever, you want to get the best reading possible.

Taking my teenagers rectal temp is not typically an easy task, so it is something I basically allow them to do on their own. Most teenagers are responsible enough to take their own temperature, but may need a little supervision to make sure they are doing it correctly. Talk to your teen and see if they can manage on their own, or if they need help doing it. Explain that taking a temperature this way does not hurt, and is typically quicker than under the tongue or armpit.


The times that I managed to go about taking my teenagers rectal temp I followed the following steps. First, make sure the thermometer is clean, and is designated for rectal use only. Then, cover the tip with some type of lubricating jelly. Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, or even KY Jelly can all work well. Next, have your teenager take his or her own temperature. If you are dealing with a teenager who needs help, have them lay down on a table with their knees bent up. The thermometer should be inserted gently into the rectum about 1 inch in, and held there until it beeps. Remove the thermometer, and read it. When you are done, make sure to clean it with hot soapy water. You can also disinfect it with alcohol or sanitizer for extra comfort. Again, make sure this thermometer is designated for rectal use only.

When I went about taking my teenagers rectal temp I talked to them about it first. Let them understand that taking a temperature rectally is nothing to be embarrassed about, and that this is the best way to get the most accurate reading. A fever is nothing to mess around with, and a rectal temp is the best way to get the most accurate reading possible.

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