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What Are Some Great Party Games for Teenagers?

A party for teenagers can be a challenging event to have. But there are many great party games for teenagers to keep everyone entertained, and laughing the day away!

One type fun games that are a great party games for teenager’s idea is called Cross the River. Each teenager needs two sheets of paper to play, and an area to cross. Each player plays by using the paper as stepping stones to get across the pretend river, and whoever makes it across first, wins! Any player who steps off their stepping stone needs to start over. This is a great game for kids to race.

Spoon Touch is one of many great party games for teenagers. All you need are two wooden spoons, one for each hand, and a blindfold. Whoever is “It” is blindfolded and given the spoons. The whole room stays quiet as that player uses the spoons to touch the other people and try to figure out who they are. When they guess correctly, that person is then It. Off course, there must be limits to where the spoon can touch, so be sure to talk this over with all the teenagers before you start.

Great Party Games for Teenagers
by Neil Rickards under CC BY



Need some more great party games for teenagers at your party? Try Truth, truth and lie- kind of a variation of the old truth or dare. Each player is given an index card and told to write down three different things about themselves. Two are the truth, and one is a lie. Then all the players exchange cards and try to guess what is a lie and what is the truth. This is the perfect game for an ice breaker as it gets people to talk about themselves.

Try Pop Chart Song Charades to really get your party going. First, write down a bunch of popular songs that teens know on scraps of paper, and throw them into a bag or hat. Have the teenagers divide into two teams. Each team picks out a song and acts it out for the other team to guess. If they guess, they get a point, if not, the team doing the charade does. Whoever has the most points at the end of the list of songs, wins.

There are many great party games for teenagers that will make your party interesting and fun. Teenagers will have lots of laughs playing these and your party is sure to be a success!

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