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Lingerie For Teenagers

Lingerie for teenagers seems to have become quite a lucrative business for companies that target such things. It is very simple for your teenage daughter to go shopping at the mall and walk into a place like Victoria’s Secret. Most 14 – 17 year old girls have already begun to develop the body type they will keep through adulthood. Therefore, any shop that sells adult female lingerie will also be providing sizes that are worn by teenage girls.

If your teenage daughter is starting to explore her sexuality and attractiveness by shopping for lingerie that you would expect to see on a stripper, it might disturb you a bit. However, in the grand scheme of things, lingerie for teenagers is probably not the most important thing to cause you to mount your soapbox.

As parents of teenagers, we pick and choose our battles. This is an age that encourages self expression as well as a certain amount of independence. If your teenage daughter comes home from a shopping trip excitedly showing you some underwear that nearly makes your heart stop, do everything you can to keep your true opinions to yourself. Who is likely to see this lingerie anyway? (Although that is another subject altogether!) The best way to view it is if this is the worst thing your teenage daughter ever does, you can relax and let up on her a bit.

Lingerie For Teenagers
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The problem with lingerie for teenagers is that most of it that is designed with the teenage girl in mind does not really impress them very much. They look at Victoria’s Secret catalogues and other adult lingerie resources and THAT is what they like. This lingerie looks mature, which it is, and that maturity is what the teenage girl is striving to attain. She is most likely not interested in the cutesy styles that were designed for the “normal teenage girl.”

If you are really lost about what to do, there is a good website at Love to which might help you to understand the world of lingerie for teenagers. There is a whole section on styles that might appeal to your teenage daughter without turning her into an adult woman too soon. The styles shown here are actually quite pretty as well as tasteful. There is also some information that may help you in handling any issues regarding the lingerie your teenage daughter chooses to wear.

Once again, this is truly only an issue if you choose to make it one. Most teenage girls will follow trends set by their friends. So if their friends are buying their lingerie in adult shops, that is most likely what your daughter will want to do, as well. The bottom line is that it’s really just underwear or sleepwear that no one important is ever going to see at this time in her life. Don’t make a big deal of it, and the issue will, in all probability, resolve itself.

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