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Petite Teenager

Going through adolescence is hard enough without having to deal with the issue of being a petite teenager. We all know how kids can’t wait to grow up and be adults. They have no idea what being an adult really means and they want to hurry through their teenage years. So when a teenage girl is 15 years old but looks 12, she most likely will have some serious self image problems.

Being a teenager is a big deal to kids. It is a time of growing into what they aspire to be in the future. They want to look older and more mature. A petite teenager usually has to suffer the embarrassment of shopping for cool clothes in the children’s department. When she visits the make up counter, she is treated as a child who just wants to play dress up. This only adds to her humiliation.

If you are the parent of a teenager who is smaller than she would like to be, what can you do to help her through this very trying time? She most likely won’t believe you if you tell her that being a petite teenager is actually a GOOD thing, as she will most likely grow into a young looking adult. It is probably not going to help to tell her that when she is, say, 35 years old, she will be happy she looks so young. Pointing out to her that as she ages she will be grateful to not have heavy breasts that will just sag and make her back hurt will not mean anything to her right now. All she knows now is that boys don’t find her attractive and all her “normal sized” girl friends are much more developed than she is.


One way that you can help your petite teenager is to reinforce her self image. Tell her how pretty she looks when she is dressed up to go somewhere. Focus on her beautiful hair or lovely eyes. Help her with make up tips that are age appropriate. If finding stylish clothes is difficult for her, take her shopping for sewing patterns and material. She can pick out patterns in her size that will fit right in with what her friends are wearing. Of course, you must be careful not to make them look “home made.” There are little tags that you can buy to sew into the outfits so that it looks as if she bought them in a store. This is all about making her feel more self -confident in spite of her size.

As she gets older, she will begin to actually appreciate the fact that she is small and will continue to look young even as she ages. But for now, your petite teenager needs all the support you can offer. She needs to understand that she is not “abnormal.” Instead, she is quite unique and beautiful in her own way.

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