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Biblical Baby Names

With the Bible being the largest source for baby names, it is little wonder that new parents would begin their search there for Biblical baby names. There is an honor of sorts connected to choosing a name from the Bible to bestow upon your child. It also something that has been done for years. I personally knew a family who named their sons after the first books of the New Testament. Their names, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, were all very strong and “normal” names.

While the Bible is going to be your most complete source for Biblical baby names, there is a website that has made your search even easier for you. It is called, appropriately enough, Bible Baby and boasts a list of over 700 names for girls and boys taken right out of the Bible. The meanings of each name is also supplied along with derivatives of the name, and a description of the Biblical character. This site is absolutely fascinating even if you are not trying to name a new baby. The pages completely break down each and every name into sections that contain everything you could possibly want to know about that name.

There are some great Biblical baby names. However, there are also some names that would be rather difficult for a child to carry. This is not meant to be irreverent in the least. It is just being realistic. While names like Alexander, David, John, and Nicholas are wonderful names that any boy could “wear” with pride, you might want to steer away from names like Titus,and Ebenezer. The name Theophilus might mean “beloved of God,” but a little 4 year old boy is not going to feel very loved carrying around the weight of THAT name.

Some Biblical baby names that would not cause your child social harm, but instead would allow him a more normal life, would be Thomas, Ben or Benjamin, Daniel, or Michael. You can still be creative and give your child a very special Biblical name. Just remember, you may be naming a baby, but that baby is going to grow up one day.

The Bible contains some very beautiful names for girls, and this is where you can be quite creative. It may not be fair, but the fact is that girls can get away with having more unusual names than boys. Little girls with unusual names, whether they are Biblical baby names or not, will always get positive attention. So you can get a little wilder when naming your new baby girl.

If you are having that “what will we name the baby?” dilemma, take a few minutes and look at Bible Baby You will get caught up in all the information there after only a couple of minutes of clicking around the site. Maybe you will find just the right name for your new arrival.

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Biblical Baby Names

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