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Top Teenagers Websites

The ever growing world of the internet is a staple environment for most teenagers today. With the aspect of social networking at the fore front of their existence, it is necessary to check what websites your teens are visiting and keep track of who they are chatting with online. Being confident that no harm comes to your teens is a high priority.

If you ask any teenager out there what sites they are most likely to visit, a good number of them will throw out the usual sites like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. It is sites like these that they spend their time chatting and watching humorous videos of their friends.

The top teenagers websites all have this in common. These sites include forums and videos for them to entertain themselves with. A lot of them upload their own videos, home made movies, and music videos to share with the rest of the world.

Add to the top teenagers websites list the number of sites that are available for helping them with homework. Websites like Encarta Online and give teenagers a virtual library in their own homes. It’s these websites that make research for school papers a breeze, with out paying for the gas to go to town.


This list would not be complete without mentioning all the gaming sites that are available now too. These sites are so numerous that they will serve any gamers needs. The teenagers that use the gaming sites are also using them as a sort of social networking site. They can chat with friends as they play these games online. Places like EVE online, Warhammer, and the ever present World of Warcraft are the most common ones around right now. The addition of online gaming through Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 adds to that list.

The top teenagers websites are growing with each and every day. Soon they will over run the internet with popularity unmatched by any other site around. You, as a parent, should take the time to know what sites your teenager is using, and to make sure that they are as safe as possible. With all of the news going around of child predators on the internet, no teenager is truly safe from approach. Learn where your children are going, and who they are talking to. Take the opportunity to get into their lives, and even have some fun with them. In the end, they can only thank you for the comfort and support of being a loving and caring parent.

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