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Detroit Child Support Law

Due to highly publicized cases and widely reported changes – effective and posed – highlighted in recent years, Detroit child support law has become something of a hot-button topic. It can be rather difficult to determine what things are covered by them, and the explanations and facts can also be rather complicated.

Although standard guidelines clearly state that the child support laws in Michigan are equal to mothers and fathers, cases involving fathers as “victims” are appearing more and more often. One involved a Detroit man who had been very vocal about not wanting children. After breaking up with his girlfriend, who assured him during the relationship that she was taking precautions and would not get pregnant, she later informed him she was having a baby, which she ultimately decided to keep and to which he ultimately paid child support. The case was eventually dismissed on the grounds that, within the bounds of Detroit child support law, the needs of the child are more important than any circumstances surrounding the situation. The decision caused uproar among groups who consider the laws biased towards women.

Another case in Detroit recently gave hope to such groups. A man who had been paying child support to a child who was not biologically his (making him a putative father, which means that his name was on the child’s birth certificate and he was married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth, thus believed to be the father) won the right to get the support payments cancelled. At the time, the child was living with his actual biological father. Given that he was not the child’s biological father and the other man mentioned above was, the outcomes actually seem rather fair. A comparison of the two paints a clear picture of Detroit child support law as honestly based on what is best for the child or children. In light of that, the idea of equality between mother and father could be said to be almost irrelevant. Michigan’s laws on child support base payments – and who pays them – on a number of factors, none of which have anything to do with the sex of the parents. It is the number of children, the income of each individual parent, living arrangements, custody aspects, and other like data, which determines how much, will be paid by which parent.

No matter the circumstances, taking care of the offspring of a dissolved partnership is the most important priority. It is less about the sex of the parent, bias, or prejudice, and much more about the welfare of any children involved. Detroit child support law might be under close scrutiny lately but a close look proves that it is more concerned with the child’s needs than the gender of the parent who will be supporting them.

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