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Oakland County Child Support Attorney

Having to look for a child support attorney is an emotional situation. Not only have you had a disagreement with the other parent of the child, but you are also struggling to make ends meet and need some financial help. According to Michigan law, if two parents separate and one is left as the primary caregiver, the other parent is required by law to pay child support. While searching for your child support and trying to find a means to get it can seem overwhelming, the best advice is to hire an attorney that is specialized in this field who can help you determine the best way to get the support you need. Oakland County child support attorney’s can be found easily and will provide an invaluable service when trying to help you get the child support you deserve.

To find an Oakland County child support attorney, you should first ask friends and family for references. These attorneys can be found in any practice of family law and if someone you know and trust has ever had any legal matters such as divorce, adoption, spousal support, or any other legal family issue, they have probably used an attorney that specializes in family law that they can refer you to. If your family has never had to use the services of a family lawyer, you can look online to receive many different names of Oakland County child support attorneys. The Internet is a valuable source of information and not only will you receive a number of different Oakland County child support attorneys, but their websites will also clearly outline how they can help you, how Oakland County child support is calculated, and what forms you will need to fill out.


Oakland County Child Support Attorney
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When you first meet with the Oakland County child support attorney, they will clearly outline the fees that they will charge. Most will charge an hourly rate, which can range anywhere from $100 to $500 an hour. The fee will depend on the Oakland County child support attorney’s experience and the location of the town or city that the Oakland County child support attorney works in. The attorney may choose to set up a contingency fee as an alternative, in which case the attorney would be awarded a percentage of the child support amount that is obtained in court. Oakland County child support attorneys usually charge anywhere from twenty percent to fifty percent when the fee is based on contingency.

When choosing an Oakland County child support attorney be sure to be upfront about everything your particular case involves and that you are in agreement with the fees that will be charged. Your Oakland County child support attorney will strive to win you the support you deserve and will be a great asset to you in court.

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Oakland County Child Support Attorney

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