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VA and Child Support Enforcement

The Commonwealth of Virginia believes every kid in the state should receive financial support from both parents. Many children do not get the support they need when the one of the parents does not live with the child, and they do not receive support. The VA and child support enforcement is there to help out parents who are in desperate need of support, but are not getting it.

In the year 1975 Congress passed a law that made every state responsible for creating a system that helps with child support in that state. Virginia is no exception, and that agency is the Department of Social Services, and this also includes the division for Child Support Enforcement. Since the year of 1975, the VA and Child Support Enforcement division has helped many parents and their children in numerous ways. Then, in the year 1984, Congress passed even more laws staring that the division had more rights to help with the problems of absentee parents who are failing to provide support for their family.


VA and Child Support Enforcement
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The VA and Child Support Enforcement Division received an Outstanding Program Award in 2006, which was recognized by the National Child Support Enforcement Association. This award is one of the best a child support agency can receive, and recognizes the effective and outstanding services the agency has performed in receiving the child support they deserve. Virginia’s program has served over 484,000 children, as well as collected over $587 million dollars in child support payments. This was for the fiscal year of 2006, which was an actual increase of over five-percent over the previous year. This department continues their efforts each year to be the most cost-effective state in the United States, and has reported that for every dollar spent on the program, an estimated $6.52 is collected in child support payments.

The VA and Child Support Enforcement Agency has helped define the child support process in many innovative ways. For example, they were the very first state in the nation that would subpoena cell-phone providers to get the address and phone numbers from customers who were delinquent in their child-support, and they are now in the process of doing the same thing for cable TV providers. They also pioneered the use of full-page newspaper ads within the state of Virginia showing the pictures of unlocated and severely delinquent noncustodial parents. This agency truly has the best interests of the children they help in mind, as well as the resources to help the parents get the money they owe in child support.

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