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Ypsilanti Child Support

When you are seeking Ypsilanti child support, you will most likely have a number of questions including how much you will get and how you can go about obtaining it. A family attorney that is specialized in Ypsilanti child support cases can help answer all of your questions. Ypsilanti child support is a complex issue but there are some basic factors for every Ypsilanti child support case.

In order to determine the amount of Ypsilanti child support that a parent will receive, there are many factors that are taken into consideration. These include: the amount of time that each parent spends parenting their child; the net income of each parent taking into consideration all sources income including tips and bonuses; how many children reside in the home of either parent; and child-related expenses including daycare expenses and healthcare expenses. Determining the amount of child support that you will receive is extremely difficult to do on your own and so, it is recommended that you find a Ypsilanti child support attorney.


Ypsilanti Child Support
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A Ypsilanti child support attorney will work to come to a legally binding agreement with the other parent but if that is not possible, they will also represent your interests in court. If the case is taken to court, it can be in combination with divorce proceedings, custody proceedings, or as its own separate entity. The court will decide on a fair amount of child support to award after it has taken all factors into consideration. The point of Ypsilanti child support is to not to punish one parent while awarding the other, it is simply to determine what is in the child’s best interests.

For this reason, a designated Friend of the Court will be assigned to ask for a specific amount in the Ypsilanti child support case. The Friend of the Court will do so after determining what is best for the child. Because of that, once Ypsilanti child support has been given to one parent, that parent cannot at any time voluntarily stop taking payments or ask that payments no longer need to be made.

Ypsilanti child support attorneys will work with a parent that is seeking child support to determine what their actual is, find hidden assets, and determine what the current and future financial needs will be of that parent and so in turn, of the child. Ypsilanti child support is determined on a case by case basis as every individual’s situation is unique and requires careful consideration.

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