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Child Safety Deck

Many parents worry about the safety of their children while near a pool and often at times these pools are located just a few steps out the back door. A child can find a way around almost any barrier. Climbing is a favorite, but children will also try to get through rails or under gates. A parent may feel there is nothing left to do to keep their child safe from the dangers of the pool except to get rid of the pool altogether. A recent invention is on the path to changing all of that. The Child Safety Deck, invented by Lou Coffen, is changing the way we look at pool safety. This invention looks very much like an ordinary deck, but behaves quite differently.

In an effort to ease the mind of his wife, Mr. Coffen began looking for a solution to keep his own children safe from their pool. What he learned along the way was quite unsettling. According to the website of the Child Safety Deck,, “Every year in the United States there are approximately 350 deaths among children five and under due to drowning.” So, Mr. Coffen invented this amazing deck that lifts the panels nearest to the pool to a ninety degree angle thereby eliminating any way for the child to climb over, get under, or go through.

Child Safety Deck
by ell brown under CC BY



What is ironic about this product is that it is not currently available to the mass market. You can find a plethora of baby gates and even netting to keep your child from the pool, but the Child Safety Deck has yet to be picked up by a major manufacturer or retail chain. If we ever expect to see this product or anything like it available in stores we will have to demand it. Apparently child safety isn’t as important as convenience or sales.

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