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Lake County Child Support Attorneys

When your family is experiencing a difficult time, such as divorce, it is important to find the resources that you need quickly so that these family matters can be resolved and everyone affected can move on with their lives. It is important that the welfare of children involved in these situations is considered above all else. This welfare means emotional support but it also means financial support. Filing for child support from a spouse or otherwise estranged parent can be a trying time which is why it is of utmost importance to find an excellent child support attorney. Finding Lake County child support attorneys is not an easy task. The few that I managed to locate that specialize in child support aren’t even located in Lake County. These attorneys are located in neighboring Sonoma and Napa counties. That is not to say that some attorneys located in Lake County could not accommodate your needs, they have just chosen to emphasize different aspects of their practices. There are four attorneys in nearby Santa Rosa that have experience in child support cases: Robert Marmor, Margaret M. England, Carol A. Gorenberg, and Richard Sax. All four of these attorneys specialize in Family Law and have specifically said that they specialize in child support cases.


Since Lake County child support attorneys are not listed you will find, in nearby Napa County: Nicholas R. Van Male, and in San Jose- Michael J. McLellan, and in St. Helena- Douglas D. Durward. Like the attorneys mentioned previously, these attorneys also specialize in family law and have made a commitment to child support cases. When considering Lake County child support attorneys or any other attorney it is imperative to seek the advice of other parents in your area who have experienced similar situations. Finding a great attorney is likely to be easiest when you find out what kind of experience other parents have had. Remember that experience is the best indicator; anyone can make their website look great or have an excellent copywriter to insert a few sentimental or catchy phrases to get your attention. Don’t be fooled by cheap dialogue- do your own research. When you have found the “perfect” Lake County child support attorneys be sure that you agree with everything that is being said and make sure to ask questions if you don’t understand because the decisions made during your child support case may be with you, and your children, for a long time.

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