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Muslim Baby Names

Naming a new baby is very special to all new parents, but the Muslim community seems to take a particular pride in bestowing just the right names on their children. Muslim baby names have also become important to the newly converted of that religion. Children of the Muslim faith do not seem to face the same issues regarding unusual names that other children might experience. The perfect name is very sacred and honored, never to be ridiculed by anyone.

There are actually several sites on the internet listing Muslim baby names. An excellent website to check out is Names 4 Here you will find a very large selection of baby names as well as their meanings. The names are also cross referenced with the meanings so that you can look up a meaning and find a name that way.

Muslim Baby Names at just might be the largest compilation on the internet currently. It boasts over 3,700 names for Muslim boys and girls. There is also a very informative and beautifully written article on the homepage explaining the site and why just the right name is so important. This site offers much more than just a baby name database. It contains advice for new mothers, as well as new parents who are converts to Muslim. It is definitely a site worth your time.

The Muslim religion brings up something that is not encountered with many other religions. Once someone converts to the Muslim faith, he will most likely want to change his name to something more fitting of his new religion. This is another reason to visit a site listing and explaining Muslim baby names. It is actually a rather exciting thought that someone gets to pick out his own name! What a special time that must be!

Another rather interesting website for Muslim baby names is Muslim Baby It is very informative site. While not quite as large as the other two sites we have looked at thus far, it does have a section on Muslim Historical Names, which gives the names of various prophets, along with the names written in Arabic.

The websites listed here will give you some great places to begin researching Muslim baby names, whether it is for a new arrival or for someone newly converted to the Muslim faith. There is a wealth of information available with just the click of the mouse.

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Muslim Baby Names

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