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Oakland County Child Support Law

When you need to know and use the Oakland County Child Support law, it may be prudent to do your research before picking a lawyer. Child custody is an issue that can be pretty traumatic for all parties involved. There are two different kinds of child custody. One is physical custody, which refers to the parent that has the actual possession, physical, of the child or the children that are in question. The other term is legal custody, which is the parent who has the decision making abilities to decide what is best in the child’s life. These two types of custody can be both sole and joint custody.

The Oakland County Child support law was established so that children of the city of Oakland, Michigan receive the child support that they deserve. There are many offices and lawyers that you can hire in Oakland that can help you get the child support you are owed.

At the law offices of Paul J. Tafelski, you will get exceptional service in your child support case. Their company has been in service for well over 10 years. Paul Tafelski is a very experienced lawyer dedicated to helping mothers and fathers in many matters, but especially child support and child custody. He also provides services in other legal matters, including divorce. For more information on their office in Oakland, go to



For more information on Oakland County Child Support Law and those who uphold it, go to Located in two convenient locations, both Oakland and Macomb County, these child custody lawyers can help parents get acceptable child support and custody. They employ many child support lawyers who are there for the parents desperate to get the back child support they are owed, as well as the child support that is coming to them. You can visit their website or call 1-248-335-5000 to set up an appointment or receive more information.

The Oakland County Child Support law is in place to protect the children who get caught up in the unpleasantness of divorce or separation. There are many attorneys that can help you if you are in need of child support help, located around the area of Oakland. To find many to choose from, search the Internet or call your local welfare office. Many lawyers work with low-income families who are struggling, and there are also organizations that offer free services for those who qualify.

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