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Child Abuse Attorneys: California

The subject of child abuse is a very disturbing and distressing one for most people. Let’s look at what child abuse actually is:

• Physical abuse is any corporal punishment that causes an injury.

• Severe neglect of any kind which causes physical or emotional/mental health issues.

• Sexual abuse of any kind, to include assault and exploitation.

• Deliberately hurting or putting a child in danger and intentionally inflicting emotional abuse.

This is very hard to even think about. Dealing with it first hand is even harder. If you are having issues with child abuse, you already know that there are legal actions to be taken. However, child abuse attorneys in California seem to be rather rare when it comes to helping the mistreated child.

To get in contact with the Child & Family Law Center, you can reach them at 734-482-0805. Or visit their website at

Of course if the child abuse can be proven to be real, you would then contact your local District Attorney’s Office. The prosecuting attorney will need to see all of the evidence in order to decide whether the case should go to trial or not.

Child Abuse Attorneys CaliforniaWhat I found very disturbing is that there are many child abuse attorneys in California who are defense attorneys. Suppose you have a case of child abuse that is not clear cut. Yes, there are steps that must be taken but finding an attorney to be on the side of your child seems to be a bit difficult.

I did locate a website that may offer some help if you and your child are going through this horrible situation. It can be found at Safe and has a lot of information regarding child abuse. There is also a speech given by Nancy Matson, Director of the Crime and Violence Prevention Center of the California Attorney General’s Office. This speech is titled APRIL IS CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH and can be found at:

It definitely is worth taking a few minutes to read it as Ms. Matson explains a lot of the steps that are being taken by the California Attorney General’s Office to get a handle on child abuse.

To look at this from the other side of things, if you happen to be accused of child abuse and are in need of child abuse attorneys in California, there are many of them from which to choose. You would basically do an internet search for child abuse attorneys in your area. There is also the method of a referral either from someone you know or through an attorney referral service.

Whichever side of the fence you happen to be on, child abuse is a terrible thing, and needs to stopped. Child abuse attorneys in California are, hopefully, trying to help make that state a safer and happier environment for the children who live there.

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