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Mom Teaches Son – No Father Figure

One of the hardest things in the break up of any relationship, is when the father becomes an absent parent and Mom teaches her son the things that he should have been learning from his Dad. It is a far more common situation than anyone may realize and it is a difficult one. Everyone agrees that a boy needs a positive male role model in his life. In an ideal situation, that male role model would be the boy’s father. There are so many single moms who are left with parenting their sons all alone. However, it is not an impossible situation.

When Mom teaches son the parts of life that would be better coming from his father, there will be some difficult moments. She will need a lot of patience, especially when her son reaches his teens. This is when he will need a man to talk to about girls and other mysteries of his teenaged life. If there are other male members of the family who could step in on occasion, that is a more ideal situation. An uncle or grandfather, for example, could take the son fishing or camping. A male cousin could take him to a ball game or any number of things that fathers and sons normally do together.

Mom Teaches SonWhat happens when there is not another available male to do things with the child? In this regard, mom teaches her son that women can be just as “sporty” as men. She can show him that a mom can do these things with him even if it means having to learn as she goes. It is not a negative thing that a mother and her son bond in this way.

If you happen to be in a situation where there is just no male available to act as a companion or surrogate dad to your son, there are organizations you can contact, such as Big Brothers and similar agencies. Your son will be assigned a Big Brother who can take on the role of a positive male in his life. The volunteers for organizations like this are carefully investigated and screened before being assigned to a child.

It is not necessarily a negative thing when mom teaches her son about life. This boy will most likely grow up to respect women, understand them, and truly appreciate what a great influence a good woman can have in his life. This man will know how to love the right woman and will most likely be quite sought after by women who see just how special he is. So,even without the presence of a father in his life, your son can still grow into a happy, well adjusted, and productive adult who will make your proud.

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