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Child Support Office in Baltimore Maryland

If you are a custodial parent living in Maryland, who is having problems getting court ordered payments from your ex-spouse, the Child Support Office in Baltimore Maryland is there to help. Also called Baltimore County Child Support Enforcement, this is an office formed to aid custodial parents obtain child support from the non-custodial parent.

You can begin the process by visiting their website. This will provide you with a wealth of information for many things regarding how to start collecting child support. It is also here that you will find a page of common questions people in your situation may have, along with the answers.

Services provided by the Child Support Office in Baltimore Maryland include:

  • Searching for an absent parent
  • Legally proving or disproving paternity
  • Getting a court order for child support and health insurance coverage
  • Collecting child support payments
  • Enforcing court orders
  • Reviewing and adjusting the court ordered support amount

Child Support Office in Baltimore MarylandThe above issues are all things that can become a problem for custodial parents. This is recognized by this office and help is offered.

You can apply for this assistance but there are going to be things you will need to bring to your appointment with the Child Support Office in Baltimore Maryland. Photo identification is going to be needed, so be sure to have your driver’s license, Maryland ID, or an employment ID with you. You are also going to need proof of your address, such as a utility bill, rent receipt or mortgage statement. The birth certificate of the child for whom you are seeking the child support is another requirement. If you have proof of paternity, take that, along with any information that might help locate the missing parent. Take your social security card as well as those of the children involved.

There is a fee of $25.00 that you may be required to pay. This will be waived if you are already receiving cash or medical assistance. It is the only financial requirement that may be required from you, although you must be prepared to give as much information as you have on the absent parent. This will aid the Child Support Office in Baltimore Maryland with their location endeavors of the missing parent.

Always remember if you are having hardships due to non payment of child support, this is the place to go to for help. Never feel embarrassed or ashamed. This situation is not your fault and you should not be hesitant to seek help for yourself and your child.

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