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Odd Baby Names

So you are going to have a new baby and you want to be sure that the name matches just how special he or she is. But do you really want to go in the direction of odd baby names? Think about this one very carefully before making a decision that will affect your child for the rest of his or her life. Choosing a very different name for your child may seem like quite an ingenious idea at the time but can turn into a disaster later.

One of the situations you could be creating for your child by going with odd baby names is being horrendously teased by other kids. We all know that children can be the cruellest of creatures when they are young. The name calling can be very hurtful and do much damage to your child’s self image and self confidence in the coming years. Things that may seem insignificant to everyone else at the time, can be of such magnitude that it will follow your child for the rest of his life.

This is not to say there is anything wrong with being creative or unique when selecting that perfect name, but do consider the consequences for your child if you go with odd baby names. You cannot have your feelings hurt if you pick such an outrageous name for your child that the first thing he or she does on that 18th birthday is rush to a courthouse for a legal name change. There is no one to blame but yourself, and you will understand why well meaning relatives and friends tried to talk you out of that particular name choice.

Perhaps you can come to a compromise of something between the odd baby names and ordinary ones. Your special baby can still have a name that will stand out and be noticed without being ridiculed. If you are still determined to be more than just a bit unique, there are many websites that you can explore to see lists compiled of thousands of baby names of all kinds. Visit these websites and spend some time speaking some of the names you THINK you like. How do the names flow with your last name? Is the name something that can easily be turned into a joke? That is not something you want for your very special baby.

These are some things to consider seriously when thinking of odd baby names for your new arrival. The most important thing to remember when choosing a name for your baby, is that it will define this child in life. Be different and unique if you must. But always keep the future of your child in mind.

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Odd Baby Names

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