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At What Age do Babies Walk?

If you are curious about at what age do babies walk, then you aren’t the only one out there. Anyone that has had children before will tell you that one of the most magical moments in their life was when they saw their child take their first step. But if you haven’t had a child before, and you are wondering when you should be expecting your child to start walking, then you will be happy to know that anywhere between 8 and 18 months is a good time for babies to start walking.

Now, if you have a baby and it hasn’t started to walk yet and you are worried that at what age do babies walk is going to affect the development of your child; don’t be. No two babies in the world are alike, and they all learn at different rates. Just because your sister’s baby, or your friend’s baby, were learning to walk at 7 months and yours is now 14 months and hasn’t even tried yet doesn’t mean anything. Give your baby time to learn how to use its body and it will be walking and getting into everything before you know it.

At What Age do Babies WalkThere is no set period at what age do babies walk. Some babies are extremely active when they are smaller, constantly rolling and turning over every chance they get, but tend to be slower at learning to pull themselves up and walk. Others might just lay there for months without doing much of anything, then surprise you by walking into the kitchen out of nowhere. Your child will learn when it is ready for it to learn, and that is just how life goes sometimes. You shouldn’t feel under any pressure to get your child to walk, either, or feel depressed when they don’t walk by a certain age.

Just like everything else, at what age do babies walk is something that you will have to wait and see for yourself. There are, of course, medical issues that can affect the developmental aspects of your baby’s ability to walk, but that doesn’t mean that you need to rush your child to the doctor just because they aren’t walking at 10 months. If they have good reflexes and basic eye-hand coordination, then there is a good chance that they will walk as soon as they are comfortable with it and not before. Besides, you know that babies can be extremely stubborn about things.

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