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Fever in Toddlers When to Worry

There are a lot of parents in the world today that are concerned about fever in toddlers when to worry. The truth is that every toddler out there will eventually get a fever of one kind or another. A fever is the body’s natural way of responding to inflammation or infection and actually shouldn’t make you worried at all. Now, you will need to keep an eye on the toddler’s temperature and if it gets too high, then you should definitely take them to a doctor. For the most part, however, the fever will pass and your toddler will be just fine.

A fever in toddlers when to worry is usually the sign of an issue that you might not even know about. The majority of these fevers are caused by an upper respiratory infection. This type of infection cannot be cleared up with antibiotics because they are viral in nature, and the body just needs to work through it on its own. The only thing you can do is make sure that your toddler has plenty of clear fluids and gets plenty of rest to let the body’s natural way of fighting things off do what it’s supposed to do.

Fever in Toddlers When to WorryJust because your toddler is sick doesn’t mean that fever in toddlers when to worry is not valid. There are certain times when you should take them to the doctor, just in case. If you find that your toddler has a fever and is shivering, then there is a good chance that there is some kind of bacterial infection at work, and medication will be needed to treat the infection. If your toddler is running an excessively high fever, 105 F or higher, for more than 5 days, then you should see a doctor as well. You can try Acetaminophen to help them feel better, but if that doesn’t work, then let your doctor know.

For the most part, fever in toddlers when to worry won’t be much of an issue. Children get fevers all the time and you may not even notice it. When they come in from playing and looked flushed, that means their body temperature is raised, and they are running a fever. That doesn’t mean they are sick or that they are going become sick. It just means that the body temperature is higher than it normally is, and that is the body doing its job. You should let it do its job and help boost your toddler’s immune system as well.

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