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Human Gestation Weeks

When it comes to human gestation weeks there is usually a two week gap. You see, gestation is around 37 weeks, but the gestational period is anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks. Every woman is a bit different when it comes to their pregnancy, so the extra weeks are quite normal. The gestational period is usually calculated from the date of the last period rather than from the date of conception as well, and that will usually add a week or two into the calculation. But the important thing to remember is that gestation in humans goes through trimesters.

The human gestation weeks are usually based in 3 month increments. The first three months, or trimester, dates starting at the last period of the mother and runs to week 13. The second trimester begins at week 14 and runs until week 27. The third and final trimester starts at the end of the 28th week until the birth. This is one of the main ways that your doctor will measure the progress of your pregnancy and helps you focus on the amount of time you have left in the gestation period. Of course, the different trimesters also represent the different stages of growth for your baby, and are great ways of keeping up with what is happening during those particular times.

Human Gestation WeeksThe first set of human gestation weeks will see the development of your baby’s genital area into male or female, but this is still not clearly seen on most ultrasounds. You will also see that the bones are starting to form and the muscles are able to contract at will. Ears have started to develop and even the small baby teeth buds will start to form. In fact, everything that is in an adult human is seen within the first trimester of your baby’s life.

The second set of human gestation weeks, or second trimester, will show your fetus gaining a sleeping and waking cycle, which the mother will be able to notice. They are also more active and will usually start moving at this time. The skin will become less transparent and more opaque as the body starts to produce fat and muscle. At this time, you will also see that the heart beat will be noticeable by a stethoscope, and the brain and nervous system are starting to develop at a rapid pace. The second trimester is usually when the new mothers feel their babies kick for the very first time.

The third and final human gestation weeks will have the fetus starting to move into the head down position, getting ready for birth. The lungs will have a rhythmic movement to them, although they are still not fully formed yet. Most mothers will start to notice that movement from the baby has slowed down quite a bit as it is filling the uterus, and there just isn’t enough room for it to be moving around like there was before. You baby can be born at any time during this period and still survive, even if medical help is needed.

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