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Top 100 Baby Boy Names

So you’re going to have a new baby boy!! What on earth will you name him? Now would be an excellent time to start checking out some websites offering the top 100 baby boy names. It is never too soon to get started on making this all important decision which will affect your son for the rest of his life. Also 100 baby boy names is a lot to wade through, so the quicker you start looking, the better it will be.

According to My Top Baby Boy, the number one name chosen for boys is Jacob. At this site, we also learn that Jacob is of Hebrew origin and means “He grasps the heel.” Coming in at number two on this site is the name Michael. We are told that this is of Shakespearean origin. As you can see, there are going to be some discrepancies in the meanings from site to site. However, this is a pretty good site to start with since it breaks down the top 100 baby boy names right on the same page. The names are linked so that you can click on them to find out the origin and meanings of each name.

This next website is something so unique that it deserves mention here. If you go to, you will find not only a list of the top 100 baby boy names, but a little jeweled baby shoe charm to match each name. This site is great to visit for the names but can also be useful if you happen to just know of a new mother who would like a unique and memorable gift to commemorate the birth of her son. You won’t find any baby name meanings here, but the list of the top 100 names is complete with a little custom baby shoe charm for each name right on the homepage.

Those websites should keep you pretty busy if you really explore then and absorb the information that they have to offer other than just the top 100 baby boy names. If you still have some questions that are not answered, do a bit of research yourself. There are not as many sites specifically listing baby boy names but you will be able to find a few forums that you can join and gain access to their list of baby boy names. Whatever name you choose for you new little boy, make sure it is one that will follow him through life in a positive way.

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Top 100 Baby Boy Names

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