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Unique Baby Names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is one of the most important things you will ever do. While unique baby names can be fun, it is always wise to follow a few simple rules. Do your research and look through some lists that are available to see just what is out there in the way of unusual and interesting names.

Alternative Baby is a pretty helpful site to begin your search. There are pages that list mythological names, Irish names, African American names, Gemstone names, Gothic names, and too many other odd categories to list. You must visit this site and spend some time just browsing through the different pages of unique baby names. It is a delightful site, but it only offers the names. If you want to know the meanings, you will have to look elsewhere.

Unique Baby is one of my favorite sites to look for baby names. There is so much amazing information here on naming your baby and why you should be very careful in how to proceed. Someone on this site actually figured out how many times you will say your child’s name during the first 18 years of life. I am not sure what floored me most, the figure arrived at, or the fact that someone actually took the time to calculate the number. If you are curious, the answer given is 2,735,000 times. Are you still sitting in your chair or have you hit the floor? As you can see, visiting this website will not only be informative but fun.

In case you have not had enough fun yet, click on over to All New Baby This is another great website offering you many choices in the area of unique baby names. Here you will find separate pages listing new names, cool names, modern, preppie, hippie and urban names, as well as some fun trivia facts regarding babies. It is a highly entertaining site and should be included on your list of ones to visit.

It may be tempting to be really creative when naming your newborn, especially since some websites encourage parents to feel free to make up the names themselves. Creativity is great, but remember that your baby is going to grow up carrying the name YOU give him. Someday he will be learning how to write his name. Don’t make it so unique that you will not ever be forgiven for your choice.

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Unique Baby Names

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