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Baby Names in Spanish and Where to Find Them

When choosing a baby name, it is extremely important to pick the right one. When you are choosing a Spanish name, it is even more important. With so many to choose from, it may be hard to pick which baby names in Spanish to use. Picking a baby name can be one of the most exciting aspects of pregnancy, and one that you and your partner can spend hours doing. A Spanish name can be even more difficult to choose, as there are hundreds of beautiful Spanish baby names available!

The 25 most popular baby names in Spanish are as follows:

1. Anna 2. Alejandro 3. Jorge 4. Juan 5. Jose 6. Isabel 7. Nadia 8. Pedro 9. Pilar 10. Nuria 11. Elena 12. Carlos 13. Sara 14. Amalia 15. Cristina 16. Violeta 17. Shakira 18. Belen 19. Malena 20. Jessica 21. Eva 22. Sofia 23. Miguel 24. Catalina 25. Javier

Spanish names, as well as baby names in Spanish, originated from many different places. Some may have come from different regions , while some are related to history and mythology, some are derived from different colors, plants, and trees. There may be names that have derived from both fictional and historical events, religious events and organizations, and more.

When you talk about first names, you may refer to them as Christian names. A Spanish name is similar to first or Christian names, and with different Christian countries. Names can be different depending on the country they come from, as well as the different spellings and pronunciations various names have.

There are many things to think about when choosing a Spanish name for your child. Will the name you are picking suit your baby? Decide whether you want your name to be traditional or unusual, exotic, popular, named after a relative or friend. Remember that this name, especially a Spanish one, will be used for years and years, from a baby to old age. It needs to be not only appropriate, but one that your child can live with hearing the rest of his or her life. A name should be a reflection of your child’s personality, and one that cannot be chosen lightly.

There are many places you can find Spanish baby names on the Internet. You will want to not only find the name of your baby that you would like, but also the meaning behind the name. Check out to find a list of names. For baby names in Spanish, see to find the name that is right for your child. For other Spanish baby name websites you can also take a look at and find ones that you and your spouse like.

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Baby Names in Spanish

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