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Kimberly Grant Baby Bedding – Gorgeous and Comfy Bedding for Your Infant

The Kimberly Grant baby bedding products have got great popularity after having been featured in various magazines and TV shows. The designer is famous for her art and play products that are designed to help young children learn while having fun. She started by introducing a small number of bedding sets, but now her collection is quite big.

There are a number of things that set the Kimberly Grant baby bedding products from the rest. She uses her artistic skills to create exquisite decorations that remind us of those we have seen on the quilts of our parents and grandparents. Indeed, you can see a lot of animals and simple stylized motifs on her works. The colors are soft and dreamy. You will certainly feel relaxed when you enter the baby’s room and see the bedding in pink, pistachio, light beige and/or baby blue. The designer knows how to create color combinations that are beautiful and attractive without losing the child spirit that every baby item should have.

Kimberly Grant Baby Bedding
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Another thing that is really great about the designer’s bedding sets is that each and every one has a theme. You can go for a Bohemian Butterfly set in lovely lavender for your little girl or for the popular Ooh La La which, as you can guess, is inspired by the sophistication of the French mademoiselle style. The Engine Number 9 and Zoom Cars sets have been specifically designed for boys. The parents of any baby will find the Farm Yard and Baby Safari sets interesting, sweet and even educational.

A typical Kimberly Grant baby bedding set has four pieces. These include dust ruffle, crib sheet, bumper and comforter. The pieces have standard sizes, but it is important to check whether they correspond to the crib that you have at home. You may find items such as blankets and fabric diaper stackers sold separately. These items do not generally belong to sets. They have individual designs, colors and decorative motifs.

The Kimberly Grant baby bedding products are made entirely from cotton. This material is known to be soft and to provide great comfort. It is breathable and light. In general, the make of the items is very good with the thread count providing for their strength and durability. Typically, all the items in a set are machine washable and can be tumble dried provided and the respective instructions are followed.

Now you know enough about Kimberly Grant baby bedding so you can readily decide whether to get a set or some separate items for your infant or not.

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