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How To Chose Chinese Baby Names

Unlike most other nationalities, the Chinese baby names are a bit different. The western naming system is more of a “here is your name” type of thing. The Chinese, however, always have a unique name. Actually, their names rarely repeat. Each name is, in essence, one of a kind. No other person has that name.

The Chinese baby names are derived from taking the surname first and the given name last. This is much different from the west, where the given name is first followed by the surname, or family name. The Chinese surname is taken from two syllables found in the thousands of characters that are available. They are never named after another family member like we do in the west.

For example, Chinese children never call their parents by their names. They are always referred to as either mother or father. We are a bit more relaxed in the west, however. The Chinese baby names are so unique that any given list of names you find should be used as a reference point rather than a compiled list of names to choose from. The uniqueness of the name is something that all Chinese strive to achieve.

They like to look into the past or certain points in Chinese history to find that reference point to start working on the names they wish to give to their children. Great dynasties and rulers are often a favorite place to begin. Also the many deities they have will surface now and then in the names.

This is how traditional Chinese baby names are recommended to be given. The less traditional and more modern western versions are not quite as strict, however. They can be just as easy to create as any other name. If you wish for a traditional Chinese name to be given to your child, you must understand that a lot of work is involved.

Given the uniqueness of Chinese baby names, your child will definitely have a one of a kind name. If that is what you are looking for, take the time to research traditional Chinese names and how they are created. A basic understanding of the Chinese language would be a starting point as you have to combine syllables from so many different characters. Otherwise, just settle for the more common modern method and choose a name you enjoy or that represents your child in a way you like.

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Chinese Baby Names

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