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Teen Suicide Help – Doing What’s Necessary and Getting Professional Help

Providing adequate teen suicide help is essential for preventing future attempts and for ensuring the overall wellbeing of your child in the long term. It is usually hard for parents to notice the warning signs especially if they are very busy and lead a hectic life. However, this is where you have to get started. From then on, you have to get and provide as much help as necessary.

It is common for teenagers who are suicidal to actually talk about death and even to romanticize it. Another major warning sign is the giving of special objects valued by the child to others. The most common causes of suicidal thoughts and attempts in adolescents are depression and similar disorders such as bipolar and traumatic events in the life of the child. For this reason, you should watch out for symptoms typical for serious depression such as withdrawal from activities with family and friends, neglect of personal appearance, dramatic change in eating and sleeping habits, problems at school, aggressive behavior, apathy and drug and alcohol abuse.

Teen Suicide Help
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As soon as you notice any warning signs, you should call the National Suicide Prevention Line to get teen suicide help if you live in the US. You will get advice and instructions on what to do. The specialist on the other side of the line should be able to give you the contact details of a local psychologist or psychiatrist so that your child can get professional help. If you live outside the US, you would want to search online for a helpline number. A more straightforward option is to visit the Befrienders Worldwide website for help lines in countries around the globe.

You must take your child to a qualified medical professional so that he/she and you can get professional teen suicide help. The doctor will run some tests and diagnose any condition which may cause the suicidal thoughts and behavior. Your child will get adequate treatment. It is worth pointing out that treatments of mental disorders are not quick to work. Additionally, antidepressant medication may actually increase the risk of suicide during the first two months of the treatment.

For all of these reasons, you have to provide special teen suicide help to your child. Close supervision without making the youngster feel uncomfortable is essential. You have to ensure that your child is following the treatment. You should remove all objects that may be used for committing suicide. Devise a self-help action plan that the youngster can use in case he/she gets suicidal thoughts. Finally, help your teen make positive changes in his/her life such as getting a new hobby and meeting new people.

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