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Boot Camp for Boys – Is It the Right Solution for Your Troubled Child?

It is natural to wonder whether a boot camp for boys will actually be able to help your child deal with his problems and emotional troubles. You should definitely learn more about these institutions and their effectiveness in helping boys in need. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

Boot camps actually originated as semi correctional facilities for children with criminal offenses. Most federal and state facilities operating today have the same purpose. There are also privately run programs that accept boys with different kinds of behavior problems such as aggression and alcohol abuse.

Traditionally, boot camps for boys rely on military training and approach to the participating children. The boys are treated just like soldiers. They have to obey a wide range of rules and follow a strict daily schedule. After classes, there are plenty of activities involving tough physical exercises. The idea is that the troubled teens and pre-adolescents will learn how to behave and become self-disciplined.

Boot Camp for Boys
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It is difficult to evaluate the overall effectiveness of boot camps for boys as there are great differences from one program to another. Most of the semi-correctional facilities have been proven not to produce the desired behavioral modification with over 90 per cent of participants committing crime again after they complete the respective programs. There have been reported cases of abuse from guards. However, there are more modern programs that combine military training with counseling, various extracurricular activities apart from physical exercise and even skill development classes. These have counselors and pedagogy specialists as well as military trainers.

The cost of boot camp for boys varies depending on the program. Most programs last for 8 to 12 months, but in some cases there is no fixed stay and the fees are paid per month rather than pay program. The fees include absolutely everything from food and boarding to special clothing. The fee range is quite large so it is difficult to give an average, but it the annual stay at such a camp can be over $15,000. Financial assistance from state governments is available. Your insurance may also cover some of the costs so you may not have to pay the entire sum out of your pocket.

You should weigh the pros and cons of a boot camp for boys and consider the personality and emotional state of your child to make an adequate decision. You may want to consider alternative options as well. If you decide to send your son to a boot camp, you have to make sure that you will pick the best one.

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