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Newborn Baby Is It A Joy Or Is It Hell?

The joyful birth of your newborn is now finished. The pain, sweating and worrying is over. Now you are finally able to walk again without wincing with every step. You are home with your new baby. The warmth and comfort of your home surrounds you and the baby. The love you and your family have for this beautiful little person is so immense, you can almost touch it. Everything is bright and new.

A glimpse of the future is surrounded by a rosy haze. There are so many “firsts” yet to experience. You anticipate your newborn’s first words, and first steps. There will be that first day at school. Later, you will have to worry through your child’s first date. There will be the driving test you are dreading even now. Finally, you are seeing your child in a graduation cap and gown. In your mind’s eye, you watch a career blossom, a wedding, and coveted grandchildren.

Suddenly, there is that 2am crying that shatters your lovely dream to let you know someone is ready to eat again. The reality of having a newborn around settles in. You are just starting to understand that infants require quite a lot of work. This can be very stressful at times. A colicky baby will be fussy no matter what you do, and at times, you can be assured, it will drain you. However, always remember that your baby can feel your emotional state just as easily as you can hear them fussing and crying to be held.

Newborn Baby Is It A Joy Or Is It HellMake sure you calm yourself before taking your newborn into your arms. There is nothing worse then being frustrated and stressed out when picking up a baby who is fussy. This will only make things worse for you and your child. Take a deep breath and let the love you have for your little baby fill your heart. This should work well in soothing your infant back into some semblance of peace.

Newborn babies can be quite a handful for new parents. They require constant attention and nurturing. Use a calm comforting voice when talking to your baby, and try to avoid loud noises such as alarm clocks and barking dogs. These can startle your baby, and all that work you did to get him or her quieted down again is right out the window.

Try using a slow swaying motion, but not so fast as to make your newborn spit up on your shoulder. Humming is also a great thing to try. The lower vibrations of humming is said to remind a baby of being in the womb. This works quite well. Keep the lights down low and hold your bundle of joy over your shoulder. The baby can feel your heart beating against his or her body. Soon your infant will drift off into that precious sleep only newborns ever seem to manage.

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Newborn Baby

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