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Rare Baby Names

All expectant parents need to choose a name for their soon to be born child, and some of them would like it to be one of the rare baby names. If you happen to know the sex of the baby, you have just eliminated about sixty percent of the work. Knowing the sex really helps in locking down the baby name you seek. However, not knowing the sex, like so many parents choose, can turn the baby name search into the most exhausting experience next to the actual birth of their child.

Naming a child something quite different seems to be on the increase these days. Everyone is looking for that one special name that sets their child apart from all the rest. Just remember that most of these rare baby names tend to be unusual, and some are totally weird. Your child could end up having quite a bit of trouble among his or her peer group if you are not careful with the name you choose.

A lot of the celebrities these days are going for names that may seem totally “out there.” Unfortunately for the child, these are usually names that most of us laugh at, and would never actually name our children. Of course, being celebrities this gives these children a special place in the world, regardless of what anyone may think about their names.

Rare baby names can include just about anything you want. Naming children after ancient gods and goddesses has even been seen. How cool would it be to name your son Zeus or Thor. Maybe your baby girl would enjoy being named Venus or Isis? Whatever name you choose for them in this vein should make them fairly popular in life. Just remember that even with names like this there are still those out there who will tease and bully just because of their names.

Maybe you would prefer naming them strong names like Rock and Stone. Maybe something gentle like Rain or Breeze. Those are pretty good names, and although, they are becoming a bit more common. While you may have heard of them before, they are still different enough to be considered rare baby names.

There are many books of baby name collections that can help you in your search. The internet is also a gold mine of information. By the click of your mouse, thousands of baby name websites can be called up in the blink of an eye. It is even possible to narrow your search to just the sites that list the more unusual baby names.

Yes, rare baby names are everywhere. If you know where to look, you will be able to find an endless supply of lists containing these names. With so many different venues to choose from, the only problem you might have is choosing between the lists of names that you eventually find.

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Rare Baby Names

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