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Identical Newborn Triplets

Giving birth to identical newborn triplets is one in 8,100 if the babies were obtained through natural birth. Having identical newborn triplets can be exhilarating, tiring, and frustrating all at the same time. Many parents, especially if they’re first-time parents, are overwhelmed with just one new infant so identical newborn triplets may seem like an even more monumental challenge. You may be wondering how you are going to cope with the stress of it all, and how your babies will develop along with the day to day happenings when trying to parent identical newborn triplets. Below are some of the common challenges that parents of identical newborn triplets face and how to conquer those challenges with ease and grace!

The first problem that parents often encounter is being able to tell one baby from the other. A simple way to get around this is to place special bracelets on the babies that are different colors or have different designs on them. You can also choose a color theme for each baby and make sure that any clothes that baby wears incorporates their chosen color. Just as you will want to differentiate each baby so you can tell who’s who just by looking at them, also encourage friends and family to address them by their names so that it does not become habit to call them “The Triplets.” One common problem that triplets find when they get older is that they have a problem showing people that they are separate individuals although they are part of a trio. Starting to clearly state differences when they are newborns will help with this.

Bonding with a newborn baby is essential to their development. It lets them know that they are a treasured part of this world and that they are deeply loved. It’s just as important to do this with identical newborn triplets as it is with just one newborn. Spend some quality alone time every day with each baby. This will allow both of you to get to know each other and form the very special bond between parent and child.

If you want your infant newborn triplets to be breastfed, this is entirely possible although it may require some strategic thinking. The mother’s body will produce as much milk as is necessary so there’s no need to worry about not having enough. However, the bigger challenge may be actually feeding them. If you can get a good handle on breastfeeding, it may be possible to feed two of the babies at the same time while one feeds out of a bottle. For the next feeding you can then rotate who gets the breast and who gets the bottle. The most popular position for feeding identical newborn triplets is to hold their heads towards the center with their bodies being positioned under each arm. This will allow the mother to have more control over the movement of the head and the rest of the body during feedings. It’s very important at this time that the mother gets a lot of rest and meets her dietary needs as breastfeeding one baby takes a lot of calories but breastfeeding three burns huge amounts of calories.

With identical newborn triplets, it’s extremely important to make sure that you ask for help and take it whenever it is offered. Identical newborn triplets can be exhausting and the parent is often so busy caring for the babies, they’re unsure as to how anything else will get done. Make out a grocery shopping list and ask someone to pick up the items for you when they go to get their own groceries. When friends and family stop by to visit, ask them to feed one child while you play with the other two or ask them to do the dishes or throw a load of laundry in while you take care of the babies. It’s essential at this busy time in your life that you get help wherever you can!

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Identical Newborn Triplets

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