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High School Boarding Schools – What to Consider when Making a Choice

You can select from a wide range of high school boarding schools for your child. In general, these are supposed to provide higher-quality education and stricter discipline than at home. You have to make sure that your child will get these benefits plus many more. Base your choice on the following criteria.

The type of school you want for your child is the factor to consider first. You can select between co-ed high school boarding schools, all-boys and all-girls ones. There are also military academies for teenagers, Christian schools, arts and sports ones and ones for troubled teens. Evaluate the personality and interest of your child. Try to figure out what kind of environment he/she needs in order to progress. This should help you make the best choice.

Quality of education is the main factor to base your choice on. Not all high school boarding schools are created equal. Learn more about the teaching staff, their education and experience. They have to be good at their respective subject and at pedagogy so that they can teach young students well. Consider the education programs adopted by the different schools as well. Check whether tutoring is available for advanced students and ones with problems.

High School Boarding Schools
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The best way to measure the quality of education is to look into the graduates’ success rate. How many students from the previous graduating class got accepted into prestigious colleges? How many managed to qualify for Ivy League schools?

The facilities are important as well. Compare high school boarding schools based on how well equipped the classrooms, computer rooms and study rooms are. Your child should have access to a library with paper-based and electronic learning materials and resources. The sports and arts facilities are equally important for getting well-rounded experience during the teenage years. The boarding facilities must offer all basic amenities.

The extracurricular activities offered by the different schools are to be taken into account as well. Your child will not be able to hang out with friend in the local coffee shops or go to the movies whenever he/she wants. That is why you must ensure that he/she will enjoy various activities such as sports, arts and crafts. It is best if the school organizes trips, performances and festivals in which everyone can participate.

Proximity to home is an essential factor when it comes to choosing between high school boarding schools. A school closer to home will make more frequent visits possible. Decide whether this will be an advantage or disadvantage in your particular case.

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