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Military High Schools – Is Military High School Education Suitable for Your Child?

Military high schools have been around since the 19th century and have grown in popularity ever since. At present, there are many different types of schools that call themselves military. You should learn more about the different options and the main things that you can expect from such an educational institution.

There are military high schools that prepare students for a career in the military. They are usually called academies and provide excellent education that helps the graduates continue their education at prestigious institutions such as the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. These schools provide general education with a focus on the applications of the different sciences in defense and warfare. Physical training and practical skill training are inseparable part of the program. Applicants to such schools have to have excellent academic achievements, physical fitness and motivation to be cadets.

There are also military high schools that provide traditional education while focusing on the discipline and the order typical for the army. For instance, you can expect the students to wear uniforms, to have a precisely defined daily schedule, to have marching and to do more rigorous physical exercises. Basically, along with receiving education in mathematics, English, humanitarian subjects and sciences, the students learn how to be disciplined. They acquire valuable organizational, management, communication, team playing and leadership skills.

Military High Schools
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Most military high schools are organized as boarding schools. The students live, attend classes and take part in various activities on the same premises. There are institutions for girls as well as for boys. Coed education is usually not provided by such institutions, but you may be able to find a couple of schools that accept both boys and girls.

The acceptance policy varies from one school to another. Usually, students who have completed grade 6 are accepted into a 5-year program starting from grade 7 and completed in grade 12. It is also possible for the program to last for the two final years of high school education only. There are also schools that have separate programs for each class, so they usually accept students at any time.

Overall, military high schools can teach your child discipline and various practical skills and give him/her solid education for getting into college, a military academy or for joining the armed forces directly after graduation. You should consider your child’s character, personal interests and goals in order to make a decision. You should take into account the financial side of the matter as well.

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