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Oklahoma Child Support – What Every Parent Should Know

Oklahoma child support is readily available to custodians in need of funds for giving their children the normal lifestyle they deserve to have. You should not hesitate to apply for assistance for receiving the funds that you need to provide the main things that your kid needs for his/her wellbeing. Just make sure that you know what you are up to by reading this guide first.

There are strict eligibility criteria set by the institution responsible for the distribution of the funds – Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS). You have to ensure that you meet them. In general, OCSS helps custodians of children that do not receive assistance when one of the parents is absent form the home, those custodians receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families), State Medicaid or Aid to the Blind and Disabled when one of the parents is absent from the home, noncustodial parents who get OCSS assistance and people responsible for paying child support.

In order to use Oklahoma child support services, you must fill out an application form first. You can do this online at the official website of OCSS or download a form from there and send it via mail. It is essential that you fill out the form correctly and completely. Otherwise, it may be returned to you or you may get rejected even though you actually qualify. If you have any questions regarding the filling out of the form, you should contact OCSS directly to get help. In order for your application to be complete, you have to attach copies of all child support orders to the State Disbursement Unit, if you have any.

Oklahoma Child Support
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Custodians of children that participate in any of the three main aid programs – TANF, State Medicaid or Aid to the Blind and Disabled – do not have to make a standard application for Oklahoma child support. Their cases are already with the OCSS that has automatically initiated the opening of a child support case. In order to take action on this case, you need to fill out a child support referral form. This has to be done at an office of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS). The form will be automatically sent to OCSS. It is important that you take action on your child support case especially if you are receiving TANF benefits. These benefits may be denied if you do not sort out all matters on the case.

The size of the Oklahoma child support that you get will depend on a wide range of factors including the income of both parents, the medical insurance premiums paid by one parent and the sums being paid to the person caring for the child.

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