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Schools for Troubled Boys – Making the Right Choice for Your Son

Many families are put off by the idea of signing up their child at one of the schools for troubled boys. The reality is that the specifically designed programs are there to help and not to sentence your child to confinement and isolation from the rest of the world. Learn more about the programs at these schools, the available options and the costs.

The schools for troubled boys offer education, counseling and life skill development programs to children with different kinds of disorders and behavioral problems such as ADHD, depression, bi-polar, aggression, substance abuse and legal issues. The children have the opportunity to study just like at a traditional school. They receive the help of tutors and pedagogy experts who help them learn more in a more effective way.

Counseling plays an important part of every program. It can be organized in individual sessions, group sessions and family sessions. Usually, all three components are present. The boys learn valuable life skills at such schools. These include communication and interpersonal skills, organizational skills and housekeeping skills, to name a few. Basically, they learn how to take care of themselves.


There are schools for troubled boys who are in their pre-teen years from 8 to 12. There are also programs specifically designed for teens. The schools are divided into a number of categories based on their setting and program approach. The traditional places are just like the typical boarding schools. They offer a complete educational program, counseling and a wide range of sports and creative activities.

The religious schools for troubled boys have programs similar to those of their counterparts. The main difference is that the counseling is based on the morals that religion teaches us. While some programs focus on prayer and participation in religious ceremonies for the purpose of psychological healing and behavioral improvement, many do not.

The wilderness and boot camp programs rely on the shock from the change in lifestyle and environment to help young boys. These are traditionally much tougher and are recommended for overly aggressive children and those who have had legal problems. Still, there are many well-rounded programs that provide very good education and expert counseling along with the wilderness or military style training.

There are state schools for troubled boys, but these are generally few and parents may still have to pay some fees. In general, the fees charged by privately owned institutions include everything from boarding and food to professional counseling. What you need to know is that state financial support is readily available. It should be sufficient to cover a large portion of the fees.

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