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Activities for Stranger Safety for Preschoolers

These days it is not enough to simply tell a child to never talk to strangers. More and more children go missing every day so it is important to do everything possible to teach children about strangers – the earlier, the better. There are innumerable activities for stranger safety for preschoolers, things a parent can do at home and that teachers can continue in school. One should never underestimate how much a child understands but, at the same time, it is crucial to teach children in ways which will ensure that they remember what to do.

Several useful activities for stranger safety for preschoolers can be made into games. To teach their child their address and telephone number, parents can turn the information into a song or a poem the child is more likely to remember. When going on to discuss strangers, first and foremost make sure that they know why strangers are bad. They need to realize that strangers will not necessarily look like the “bad guys” they are used to seeing and to understand that anyone can be a bad stranger. At the same time, it is crucial not to make the child fear everyone they come across. This can be done by acting out scenarios with the child. First teach, then illustrate. Games involving play-acting are wonderful activities for stranger safety for preschoolers. A possible scene is pretending to be at school where the child is waiting to be picked up and a stranger approaches them. This scenario can impart the importance of a secret password between the child and the parents (or any other adult in the child’s life). The dad is playing the stranger; he approaches his child and tells them that their mother asked him to pick them up from school. The child can ask for the secret password and, when the stranger answers incorrectly, act accordingly.

Activities for Stranger Safety for PreschoolersWith regards to that, it is also vital to teach the child where they can go and to whom if a stranger ever bothers them: teachers, people in uniform, a restaurant, a hotel – the closest possible public place. When utilizing these activities for stranger safety for preschoolers, remember to periodically test them on what they have learned. Ask them for their address and phone number on occasion, or to list where they can go if they ever need help. Play the stranger game every once in a while, using different scenarios and techniques. Do not be afraid to describe things that have actually happened involving strangers and children, because the more they know, the more they will understand.

Children need to be protected more today than they ever have. Parents, grandparents, teachers, et cetera, protect them even more by teaching them how to protect themselves. When looking for and employing activities for stranger safety for preschoolers, just remember that it is critical not to be too overwhelming or to make it seem too much like a game. Learning can be fun but as with everything else, the primary point of fun learning is ensuring a child understands the lesson.

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Activities for Stranger Safety for Preschoolers

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