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Finding Free Handwriting Fonts for Preschool – Where to Look

Giving children the tools they need to learn to have the best penmanship possible is a good idea for anyone with preschoolers. You might want to start finding free handwriting fonts for preschool kids as early as your child can start scribbling- the sooner they start learning, the better!

Where to find Free Handwriting Fonts for Preschool

At you will have come to the right place for finding free handwriting fonts for preschool children. These free printable worksheets are great for home use or for school rooms. You can find handwriting fonts for both lower and upper case letters, in different handwriting fonts. At you will be given a list of over 30 different websites that are available to find different downloadable fonts for your child to practice with. All the worksheets you and your child or class could possibly need can be downloaded, and most for free, from this wonderful website.

Homeschooling websites are probably one of the best places to look for finding free handwriting fonts for preschool kids, or even younger kids. There are many websites dedicated directly towards homeschoolers, and since kids who are being taught at home need the practice you can find many printable papers. Check for a whole list of font websites. You can also find all the help you need when you need to teach your child how to write, whether it is printing or in cursive. Another great homeschooling website is, offering Neal font, trace font and color font styles, as well as worksheets and pages that can be printed out at home.

Why Practice Handwriting?

There are many reasons that it is very important to practice handwriting with your children. Practicing helps develop important visual perception as well as motor skills in your child. When your child knows how to write clearly and legibly, they will learn a skill that will follow them through school and into the workforce. When a child knows how to write confidentially, they can concentrate on their task that is at hand, rather than the mechanics of writing. Knowing how to write well can also help your child with their reading and spelling skills. There are many ways that you can encourage your child to practice their handwriting. Enlist their help in thank you cards, ask them for help making a grocery list, write letters to family or friends out of state, or let your child help you write a to-do list.

Finding free handwriting fonts for preschool children on the Internet is easy. Use your favorite search engine to find what you are looking for today!

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Finding Free Handwriting Fonts for Preschool

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