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Unique and Different Baby Shower Games

One of the things that new mothers love about being pregnant is the baby shower, especially when unique and different baby shower games are a part of the festivities. Throughout history, the baby shower has been one of those things that allow the new mother to be showered with gifts of love for the new arrival, as well as herself. It’s a time when friends and family get together to celebrate the coming of a new member into the family and to just have fun.

Games for baby showers are plenty and everyone knows of at least one game that can be played. For those out there who want to make the shower even more outrageous, there are plenty of unique and hilarious baby shower games that can be played.

One of these unique and different baby shower games is called the Belly Bulge game. As is well known, most pregnant women are somewhat self conscious about the size of their stomachs. This is easily remedied at the baby shower by asking the participants to wear oversized shirts and stuff them with a pillow. This makes every one at the party look as if they are pregnant while making the mommy a bit more comfortable. When it is time to give the gifts, every one switches their gift with the pillow, and the expectant mother gets to feel the belly and try to guess the gift.

You can also have the party guests bring their own baby pictures and tape them all to a big piece of paper. You can write funny sayings underneath them, and then have everyone try to guess which picture belongs to which party guest. This game can get really funny with the right captions.

Another of the unique and different baby shower games is Baby Pictionary. Make up a list of baby related words and have the guests try to draw them out. This is always a pleaser at baby showers. It never ceases to bring gales of laughter.

Whatever games you decide to play at your baby shower, make sure to have a few gifts for the winners. These prize gifts don’t need to be anything too extravagant. They can be simple, but fun. After all, the mother to be is the one the party is for and she should be the one that all the nice presents go to. This is a special time for her. Laughter and good food should be the focus point, among friends and family that she loves and cares for. This is all she really needs to make her feel like the mother she is going to become. It is your job to make sure that her special day is the best it can be. Unique and different baby shower games will only add to her memories of the day.

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Unique and Different Baby Shower Games

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