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Infant to Toddler Learning Games

It is never too soon for your child to begin learning. There are infant to toddler learning games to be found everywhere. Some of these games are simply little play exercises that you do with your young child everyday without even realizing it.

Infants respond the most to the simplest of games, like peek a boo. Singing little songs like Hush Little Baby to your infant, while touching him and smiling a lot, will convey a sense of warmth and security. These are things that have been done for years between parents and their babies. All you are doing is finding a way to expand on this by adding some infant to toddler learning games to what you already do.

Learning games can begin as soon as you bring your new baby home from the hospital. Beginning with something an infant can enjoy, try some hand games. Hands are two of the very first things that an infant discovers. You can put this to good use by playing games with him using his hands as well as your own. Songs such as Itsy Bitsy Spider employ both your voice (singing) as well as hand movements of the spider crawling up the water spout. There are many of these infant to toddler learning games. We all probably grew up singing Pat A Cake and This Little Piggy. You can know try this with YOUR baby.

As your infant grows, there are other infant to toddler learning games to add. A 3 – 6 month old will enjoy the Now You See It Now You Don’t game. This is a way of getting your baby to use his larger muscles. Simply hold objects out for your baby to reach out for, trying to grab it. You may need to try more than one item until you find the one that interests your baby the most.

A good infant to toddler learning game for 6 – 10 month olds is simply a game of catch. You will roll a ball to your child and get him to roll it back to you. As he gets better at it, you can move back a little further from him to make it more challenging. This encourages your child to use his hands and arms.

Every child responds to attention from his parents. When you play some special and fun infant to toddler learning games with them, you are expanding on an already tried and true method of teaching. You just might have never realized what you were doing.

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Infant to Toddler Learning Games

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