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Spanish Preschool Curriculum

Teaching your child a second language opens many more doors as they go through life. As Spanish is, more or less, second most used following English, it only makes sense to help your child become fluent in Spanish. It is not too soon to organize a Spanish preschool curriculum. It has been proven that very young children learn a second language much easier than older children. So why wait?

To begin with, if you or your partner is fluent in Spanish, one of you will begin speaking primarily English to your child, while the one speaks Spanish. This gives your child a well balanced exposure to both of these languages.

To set up an organized Spanish Preschool Curriculum, you can do one of two things. You can find a few good programs to choose from and simply buy one. This is probably the easiest route to go. However, if your budget is limited, there is a wealth of information and teaching ideas on the internet as well as your public library. There are also many websites that offer print out sheets for you to use.

A good place to begin your Spanish preschool curriculum is with the letters of the alphabet. Teach the alphabet in both English and Spanish. You can do this at the same time comparing the two. Once this is mastered, move on to numbers 1 – 10. Provide plenty of ways for the child to get involved. This can be done through the use of flashcards or print outs that can be colored. Take as much time as the child needs to become comfortable with the Spanish letters and numbers.

Once your child is ready to move ahead, build the next part of your Spanish preschool curriculum around actual words. Use pictures to go along with the words so the child can see exactly what they are talking about. You may want to start expanding with some simple field trips to places of Spanish origin. Children always respond to the excitement of visiting new places and will love getting to put their new found knowledge to work.

Most of all, make your Spanish preschool curriculum fun. Remember these are very young children with short attention spans. Speaking to them in Spanish as well as English will get them used to having both languages as equal parts of their lives. Music is also an excellent teaching tool. Find recordings of children’s songs performed in Spanish and teach your child to sing along. Somehow singing in another language is easier than just speaking it.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your Spanish preschool curriculum. You can certainly add to these and build a fun and educational system for both you and your child.

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Spanish Preschool Curriculum

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