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Spring Preschool Crafts

To a preschool age child, life itself can be a learning experience, with new things presented everyday. The seasons of the year bring about some very important subjects to teach to a young child. Spring preschool crafts, in particular, can be not only fun, but very informative.

Spring is the season of growth and rebirth. Let’s look at crafts that can enhance the learning experience for this very beautiful season of the year.

It is easy to explain and understand the process of what happens to the earth when springtime comes. Preschoolers are familiar with the sun, rain, plants, trees, and flowers. You can combine all of these things in a fun, creative way just by bringing out the crayons and safety scissors. You will also need some copies of printed pictures of the sun, a rain cloud, raindrops, rainbow, and some big flowers and plants. Also have some glue on hand. You will find that nearly all spring preschool crafts will involve coloring in some way, so have plenty of boxes of crayons on hand.

Let your preschooler begin by coloring the pictures. It doesn’t matter if they get out of the lines. This is an exercise in creativity and self expression as well as learning. It may also be an exercise in self control for you, as the parent. But remember that young children learn by doing. They know how to color, so let them.

Once the pictures are colored, break out the safety scissors. If your child is not ready to use these, you will need to do the cutting. However, if he or she has some experience in using the scissors, you will only need to supervise.

What your child will do next is make his or her very own book about what happens in spring. A small scrapbook works well for this. Have your child glue a picture on each page of the scrapbook in order of what happens in the growth process. Once it is put together, ask what the name of this book should be. Your child has now “authored” his or her very first book and learned something at the same time.

Other spring preschool crafts can include gathering some new leaves or flowers, and arranging them between two sheets of waxed paper. You will need to use an iron on low heat to press the two sheets together. You can use these to as placemats or frame them for a picture to decorate your child’s bedroom wall.

Young children always enjoy gluing things. Give them some magazines that show different spring time pictures and let them choose which ones they would like to cut out. Once they have several, let them glue these pictures onto a poster board, thus creating their own springtime collage.

These are ideas that can get you started but the internet is a goldmine of many spring preschool craft suggestions. You will find many inexpensive, yet fun ways for your child to learn by being creative. At this age, it is much easier to get them involved in learning by using some spring preschool crafts. All you have to do is get involved yourself. It will make a fun time for both parent and child.

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Spring Preschool Crafts

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