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The Absolute Basics of Pregnancy


If you have become recently pregnant, the information that is available to you may seem overwhelming. From the trimesters to the body changes, it may be daunting to go through pregnancy blind. However, this is a joyous time in your life and therefore you deserve the absolute basics to help you in understanding this beautiful process. Pregnancy is a wild ride that lasts for almost an entire year of your life. You will experience many things that you have never experienced before. Here are the basics of pregnancy and what you should know.

Body Changes

                There are several changes you will notice in your body as your pregnancy goes on.  Some of these may shock you and others may come naturally to you. As you progress, know that your body will too. If anything seems to be bothering you or if something doesn’t feel just right, consult your doctor.

  • Breast Change

Your breasts will enlarge and engorge as your pregnancy progresses. It may become painful as they get heavier. You may start to see colostrums form from your nipples as the end comes near. If your breasts become painful, it may help to wear a good supporting maternity bra that is comfortable and soft.

  • Fatigue and Dizziness

As your body prepares for your new little one, you may experience fatigue and dizziness. Your body is using so much of your nutrients to nurture your growing baby. This is simply your body telling you to rest. You may experience dizziness due to your growing uterus pressing on your blood vessels.

  • Heartburn

You may experience heartburn due to baby growing closer to your lungs and chest.

  • Itching

Itching skin is also normal and can result from the stretching of your skin from excess fluid as well as baby growing.


All of these and more may surprise you as your pregnancy moves along. As stated, if anything seems to be bothering you or you are dealing with pain, please consult your physician.

Trimester Basics

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters or three periods. Each period consists of different growth periods for your little one as well as new symptoms and body changes for you.

First Trimester

                During the first trimester, time is critical. Your baby begins to form all of he or she’s vital organs as well as buds for future teeth and other body parts. You must keep eating and resting and allowing your body plenty of nutrients. You should be taking a prenatal vitamin that supports your health and


baby’s growth. You may experience mood swings, fatigue and morning sickness.

Second Trimester

                You may start to feel your symptoms disappear. The second trimester is when most moms feel better and start to eat better. You may start to feel food cravings and also finally begin to show your baby belly. Your baby will do amazing things such as grow longer and stronger. Your baby’s eyes will move to their permanent spot. Now is the time to prepare while you are feeling strong.

Third Trimester

                The big day is approaching fast. You may feel your symptoms returning full force as your body begins to prepare for D-day. Now is the time you should rest and prepare yourself for your new arrival. Your baby is almost fully grown and will develop his personality while he is in your womb. Make sure you have your bags packed, nursery ready and your birth plan set.

You will soon understand that these are the basics. However, you will soon understand that you will learn as you go. Enjoy the ride and your new addition.

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